Blue Rain


Most stories finish with an ending but mine finishes with a beginning.

When I stepped away from the “red carpet drive” I made promises to myself and I kept them.

Promises that I would do anything I had to to do to recover from my eating disorder.

I promised to see progress, not perfection,

that I would make peace with food and feed myself lovingly.

I promised I would catch up to my dreams – dreams of writing and performing my songs. I spent my life stifling that dream down so far that I almost lost it.

Blue rain is a song about a healthy state of mind, recovery , mental health, and a heart full of hope; a promise to never give up on yourself and a reminder that you don’t need to try so hard.

Do these lyrics make you pause, maybe look up to the sky, and take a minute out of your day to dream and to believe it could happen to you?

I made promises to myself and kept them,
that’s what “blue rain” means to me,

what is your promise to yourself?

To listen to and learn more about Nikki Policelli please visit

Love, Niki

Author: mylovingandleavinged

Advocate, Singer, Producer, “ED” eating disorder survivor. Niki Policelli is the writer producer and performer of her own, one woman musical titled "Loving & Leaving ED.” A musical/narrative which tells the story of a young girl who struggled, battled and finally defeated "ED" her eating disorder. Niki has been performing and speaking in an effort to raise awareness towards mental health and wellness initiatives. About to release her two original songs, Blue Rain and Red Carpet Drive, Nikki is a perfect guest speaker or singer /performer, guaranteed to add music and reflection to any event she is invited to be a part of. For more information please visit

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