Now Accepting Bookings into 2021

Dear Principals, Teachers and Councillors,

It’s been an incredible year for my musical, Loving & Leaving ED.™ with the opportunity to perform for audience members throughout the GTA to outstanding reviews and feedback. 

In 2021, I’d like to make this opportunity available to your students.

Did you know that estimates indicate that 1 in every 4 Canadian teenagers battles with disordered eating?

Based on my own personal experience, Loving & Leaving ED.™  depicts the lonely struggle of my eating disorder and it’s one that many of your  students face today – depression, anxiety, bullying and low self-worth. It offers hope and guidance for a path that moves toward positive self talk, courage, self-respect and community.

The music and dialogue enable an interesting, creative and innovative way to tackle an uncomfortable and painful subject. Approachable, yet highly impactful, it also features valuable and professional resources that students contact post performance.

Book your spot for 2021 and give a student an opportunity to experience an event that could truly change his/her life.

Attached please find more information and I encourage you to reach out to me directly. I hope to hear from you.


Niki Policelli



Dear teachers, principals and school boards….

Dear Teachers, Principals and School Boards…

As you are probably aware, it is estimated that one out of every four Canadian teenagers has an eating disorder. That means in a typical-sized Peel school, close to 300 students struggle with a dangerous mental health issue that they might not have the tools to battle alone. To remedy this, I have created an educational presentation that takes a different approach to addressing the subject of mental health, with a specific focus on eating disorders and body image issues.

This 45-minute musical presentation is designed to be thought-provoking, relatable and, more importantly – to give students guidance on how to get the help they need. I hope we can work together to provide outreach to our youth, and our community, through the school system.

I am available for booking for the 2018/2019 school year

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



Red Carpet Drive 


“Red Carpet Drive” is a song about an ending. An ending to striving for perfection. the “drive to be “red carpet ” ready.  It was written on the lowest night of my life. I was consumed by an eating disorder and fuelled by perfectionism that had completely taken over. It was taking away my life, my husband, my work, it was confusing my kids and taking over my body and mind. Any person dealing with an addiction or disorder becomes a master at hiding it, so much so that we create two lives that tragically coexist; the person we really are and the actor we portray. Like an actor, we walk down that red carpet that is our life, with perfect posture, a perfect smile, while giving the impression that we have it all together, that we are living a perfect life. However the real me was suffering and couldn’t admit it. By the time I admitted I needed help, no one took me seriously because I had fooled them all. I realized perfectionism was just as much an illness as any other and I needed to acknowledge, admit and let it go.
This song describes how admitting it to myself and others would make it the last time I would suffer this alone. My life is not a red carpet and I’ve let go of the drive to be red carpet ready.
There is only one me. The real me.

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